4 Benefits of Walking

Despite the existence of a thousand work out methods, there is none as comfortable and cheap as simply walking. It requires close to no sweating, absolutely no equipment, and you can do it everywhere, anytime.

  • It lowers the rate of weight gain

Not only does it lower the rate of weight gain, but it also reverts it resulting in weight loss with little to no effort. In fact, people that would be spending hours at the gym doing intensive workouts that make them turn blue, could opt for something simpler and less time consuming.

Of course, balance is key, you cannot be eating burger after burger and walking 15 minutes a week and expecting results, indulge in a healthy diet and have daily walks and you will be seeing what you like on the scale!

  • It keeps your energy levels high

Yes, walking actually may be better than taking a power nap for an energy boost! It might seem unreasonable, but expending energy by engaging in regular exercise may pay off with increased energy in the long run. So next time you’re feeling super exhausted, and the last thing on your mind is exercising, go for that extra push and you might just get that extra spark of energy you’ve been lacking.

  • It Boosts your spirit

If you’ve ever had a walk before, you must know the magical effects of a relaxed stroll, and how refreshed and clear-minded you feel after it. In fact, during a study by Thayer, people were asked to think about their personal problems (for example, weight gain or marital issues), then were sent on a 10-minute walk. Afterward, the subjects were asked to assess their problems again. This time they described their predicaments as less serious.

  • It Protects You From Heart Disease

Apart from all the mental and weight related benefits walking provides to the Average Joe, it’s disease prevention is too remarkable not to be mentioned. Normally, any activity that gradually gets your heart rate up is good for your cardiovascular health, and this is exactly what happens when you run or go on brisk walks. But if going fast isn’t really your thing, there‚Äôs another option: walking for a longer distance.

Walking is a wonder drug, the simplicity of the workout make it just perfect for our busy modern lives. Squeezing in a 30 minute walk in your daily routine will definitely have an amazing impact on how you feel, and how you look.



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Tunisian Youth is a blog and an online monthly magazine

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