Toxic masculinity is the greatest enemy to men.


Toxic masculinity is spread all around the world, but it is the most visible in the patriarchal societies. Ruling men’s heads from the youngest to the oldest, and deciding for them on so many levels.

  • Psychologically:

Toxic masculinity, affects men psychologically. Making them living with multiple personalities, and hiding their true identity. We see men acting differently when they are in a group of men than when they are with their lovers or mothers. they also make different personalities and show it in different occasions. For example, we find them sometimes struggling to be serious around their neighborhood friends, being tough when they are actually friendly and loving. They cannot show that or they will be judged as weak


It also prevents them from expressing their feelings. Taking away the most relieving human emotion, which is sadness. Men in this society are labeled to be strong and never shed a tear over anything. They have to keep hiding and suppressing their feelings or else natural selection will take over them.

  • Physically:

We find men having to deal with the image of ideal body standers. And no one is giving any attention to prevent this. Ads telling them that they are not good enough if they do not have a long beard, six packs and more than eight inches package.

Toxic masculinity puts men under the pressure of great responsibilities that can be shared with a partner, but you have to face them alone because you are a man. You have to be the one paying the bills and putting food on the table.


  • Sexually:

People tend to question men’s masculinity just because they love fashion or dressing up. Even worse, when a man chooses an artistic field to study or work in they have to face society’s judgment for their passion.


As a man you are not allowed to be asexual which, is a sexual orientation where a person does not want to be physically engaged. They will make a joke out of you if you think about coming out because your sexuality is your identity and your masculinity too. And even though sexual impotence is a medical case, it is the end of your career as a man.

Hating toxic masculinity is common among women, but it should be hated by men in the first place since it is affecting them psychologically, physically  and even sexually . It is like self harm you need a professional help to get rid of it.

Fatma Ben Fraj

An English student, writer and translator.
Fatma Ben Fraj

Fatma Ben Fraj

An English student, writer and translator.

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