The aesthetic and cultural dimension of photography : Zouhayer Guemri as an example

Photographers are keeping me always astonished by what they are able to provide us with. Though they are using the same device namely the camera, the beauty that they can create is diverse and relative. Some prefer to focus on the aesthetic aspect of portraits, whether others choose the culture revealed through the monuments and the landscapes. Indeed, the latter is the choice of our artist, Zouhayer Guemri.

He is 25 years old and originated from Tataouine. He got his license in the field of Logistical Industry and now he is studying cinematography. In fact, all has started since 3 years, in the shape of a hobby. The fact that he started taking pictures in his free time made him discover that photography is the path he was seeking. Then, he began to see the world from an other point of vue, with a new lenses. The camera allowed him to uncover what was seen but unseen too, and reveal the beauty of simple and ordinary things.

However, what was appealing to him were the architecture. The way buildings are designed, constructed and decorated is absorbing. He even traveled for that. We can observe in most of the pictures that not only the architectural structures were present, but their identity also. Whether it is about Tunisia or about a foreign country, Zouhayer tries to relate the content he is creating to an identical frame, so that the pictures will speak not only about their beauty but also about their history and culture.

Moreover, nature was a centre of interest for him. He tries to capture the charm in the different landscapes and natural scenes, where there is a medley of different and harmonious colours.
In his first steps, a lot of people encouraged him but he was mainly emboldened by his family and his friends. This does not deny the presence of those who criticises his work but he takes benefit from their opinions to improve and enhanc

e his content.
If we take a look on the social media pages of our hero, where he publishes his work, we can notice that he variegates his content, using a pro Nikon camera. The latter fluctuates between the vivid colours, the simplicity and the cultural and regional aspect. We can see the Tunisian neighbourhood with its archaicity and antiquity, the evocative and sentimental natural scenes, the different commemorative monuments, etc …
So he started taking cinematography classes apart from the last year. He also started his job as a professional photographer and he is working with a Danish gallery. He also will have his own site web very soon.

« Photography means life to me ! The camera is my heart and I can’t live without it ». This is how Zouhayer perceives his art, with a pure accuracy and devotion. By this quote, I claim not only the end of my article, but also that these artistic pictures are worth a thousand words.

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