The President of the Republic died in the anniversary of the Republic

Nouran Bouchlaghem

conducting an MA in English and international relations.
BA in English and international relations.
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The 25th of July, Tunisia said goodbye to its democratically elected president. At the age of 92, Mr Al-beji caid al-essebsi died. Tunisians had to celebrate the memory of establishing the republic without their president. His death couldn’t have more meaning than this. people die and the republic remains.


Al-sebsi was the fruit of the 2011 revolution. He played a major role in the democratic transition. Unfortunately we lost a veteran policy man.

Al-sebssi had over 60 years of experience in politics and deplomacy. Inaddition, he governed the country as the first chosen president.

Today Tunisia is grieving, however, the public reaction reflects people’s maturity and awareness.

Be proud of being a Tunisian

After the death of the Tunisian president, many Predicted  horrible scenarios such as a military coup, a civil conflict, chaos and destruction. Simply, the world prepared itself for more grieving news about Tunisia.


However, Tunisian give a lesson to the world about conflict management. Within an hour the government made a legal and peaceful transition. According to the Tunisian constitution, If the head of the state is permanently unable to meet his duty, President of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People will fill his position for no more than 90 days.

Tunisia is a true example of democracy among its neighbours. They oust a dictator, they elected a president, they criticised him, and they grieved him when he died

Meet the Tunisian interim president

Mohammad Al-Naser was the parliament speaker since 2014. He is one of the old politicians in the country and he received his PhD in social law in 1976 from the University of Paris, France.


Al- Nasser pledged to appreciate the achievements of President al-Sibsi in building the state of independence during his tenure as president. In accordance with constitutional procedures, He is to fill the head of the state position for 90 days

Tunisia may face a legal obstacle with the absence of the constitutional court. The question here whether the coming election will be postponed or held in time.

The International Reaction

The UN and countries all over the world sincerely mourned Essebsi‘s passing. Some Arabic leaders ordered official flags to be properly half-mast for three days in sacred honor of the late president.

Lebanon, and Jordan’s royal court as well as Egypt, palestine, and Algeria ordered three days of mourning.

Inaddition, Emmanuel Macron, the French president, offered tribute to Essebsi, he hailed the president as “courageous leader who presided over his country at an essential moment in its history.” Morover, the Giuseppe Conte,Italian Prime Minister, praised the late president via twitter“a man and statesman with great political experience and humanity, who served his country throughout his life“

The UN as well respectively mourned the late president. UN secretary-general António Guterres shed the light on the important role al-sebssi played as a pivot for a peaceful and democratic transition after the Tunisian revolution 2011. Moreover, The UN council also stood a moment of silence.

On his part, Ahmed Aboul Gheit secretary-general of the Arab league extended his deepest sympathies to the people of Tunisia after the grieving news.

Farewell Mr. President. you served your country and your people. You are now beyond any political affiliation or any agenda. You are in the only place that unites humanity. May your soul rests in peace


Nouran Bouchlaghem

conducting an MA in English and international relations. BA in English and international relations. online dialogue facilitator

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