Arts are the colours of the soul : Ismail Jouini as an example

What if the rainbow is a unicoloured arch ? Will we keep regarding it with wonder and delight, marvelling at the origin of its creation ? I guess, NO. We love seeing mixtures and digging into their prodigies, and we love seeing those mixtures reflected on people. Those who deserve to be delved into deeply, and explored, each color alone. Let me show you one of the very colourful people that you can enjoy reading his story. It is about Ismail Jouini.

He is 25 years old. His story has begun when he was a kid. He was trying to film short films with his phone and show them to his family. Also, he was following a lot of films and tried to replay the roles by himself. Day by day, the passion was growing inside him. Then, he launched his YouTube channel where he had uploaded many before its block. Moreover, he decided to take a break and focus on his academic formation and choose the cinema as his field of education.

Ismail assumes that this art needs a lot of time and effort. Majorly graduated as a film director from the School of Art and Decoration in 2016, he tries to apply what he had learnt. He spend approximately 10 hours filming or writing scenarios. He inspires from the Tunisian society, the books he reads and the films he watches. One of the main difficulties he faces is the financing of the project. A good scenario requires a lot of money. That’s why sometimes our artist finds himself obliged to change the scenario. We can say these shifts lower in some way the scenario, thus the film.

We won’t stop here. Let me tell you that our hero isn’t only a film director, but he is a writer too. He writes slam and poetry, and now he is preparing a novel to be published soon. Hence here, the best way to justify all what I was saying is to nominate the awards that Ismail got : in the domain of slam, he had the silvery pen award in a poetry competition, the second rank in ” words ” competition and the second award in a poetry competition. In the field of cinema, he had the award of public ( film ” me 2 man ” ), best scenario ( film ” المعتوه قمرة ” ) and an honour award ( film ” حلم ” ). He produced 2 documentary films, 3 short films and 1 advertisement.

What helped Ismail Jouini boosting his artworks is his vast imagination. He tries to delve into all what encounters him and creates something new.

Ismail Jouini is an epitome of the rainbow that we have mentioned above, an artist that does not limit his self in one field, but frees his soul in the realm of Art, and touches its aesthetic dimensions.

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Amira Cherni

I am an student, and I do some art too. I am always craving for exploring things, and this is exactly why I am here, now ; to look for magic in Art, and to touch beauty in the souls. This is my space, where a lot of Tunisian Artists will be uncovered. So, WELCOME !
Amira Cherni
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