Music is a heaven for the soul : Mohamed Bouhani as an example

In the very last articles, I have shed light on the visual artistic content as photography, cinema, filming … and I guess this would be the best time to bring fuel to some other different arts. Let’s take music for example. The notes and the beats that detach you from the real life. The instruments that create harmoniously a body of rhythm. And the singers, those who astound the others with their voice abilities and their talented skills. And if I chose music by chance as an example, I won’t select the artist haphazard. Indeed, I can’t talk about music without mentioning this name ; Mohamed Bouhani.

He is 21 years old. He is a university student in the field of Mechanical sciences. His path of music has started since the high school. When he discovered his talent, he decided to enhance it by the frequent exercises as well as writing songs. Mostly, he does covers of different songs with all types. Whether it is Arabic or English, the song remains a song, with its tunes and melodies, with its soft touches.

What specialises his talent is the correctness of the musical notes. His voice embodies a charming throatiness that ornaments his high pitch. His sharp voice attacks directly the spirits and makes them savor the tremendous euphoria of the tunes. 3394

Our hero is not strange from the public performances. He usually gains the respect, love and a lot of applause. When committing a mistake while singing, his capacities and his self-defense assist him to overstep it successfully. I forgot to tell you our artist is a winner also. He won one of Red Bull BC One competitions of rap. Such a competition is national and involves many difficulties to go beyond.

” Music is my refuge “, said Mohamed. It turned to be a safe and peaceful shelter, where he can burries himself in the melodies and the tunes. Such a refuge is a heaven !

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Amira Cherni

I am an student, and I do some art too. I am always craving for exploring things, and this is exactly why I am here, now ; to look for magic in Art, and to touch beauty in the souls. This is my space, where a lot of Tunisian Artists will be uncovered. So, WELCOME !
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