Music : the pure art

Those who are talented should be always nominated as a part of the elite. They acquire crucial skills that take part in the cultural development of the individual as well as the society. We can take music as an example of the aesthetical art that boosts our way of life and purifies our souls. One of those who contribute to this mission is the singer Molka Yahyeoui.

Our artist is 18 years old. Her love for music was born with her. Since her early childhood she starts to show her fascination and attachment to this art. Then, when she was studying in the fifth year of the primary school, she heard one day Fayrouz in the radio and she liked her voice so much. Her mum bought her a CD and she listened only to her songs. She learnt from her way of singing how to reshape correctly her voice.

Molka was thinking that she will be only fascinated by fayrouz’s songs and voice. But one day she felt the repetition of this type of songs. She felt the need of changing and looking for something new. She found Badiaa Bouhrizi a tunisian voice who, from that moment, has represented to her an image of a music school showing her the right footsteps to follow.

When she got 14 years old she discovered that listening to the songs is no longer enough for her. Her inner capacities needed to be exposed to the outside world. Singing wasn’t a problem for her, because she was practising almost all the time. Music for her was a vital activity that she can do whenever she wants. Then she got a group to train with, not daily but once a week.

The talent of our hero needs to be brought to light. She decided to sing in front of people. The first time she got on the stage was experienced with a joy mixed with fear. She was thinking if people would not appreciate her voice or the type of music. But, when she saw people applauding, she knew that she should never be afraid of experiencing something she is fond of. They gave her love, respect and hope.

Our artist was invited after years in a festival in Agadir, Morocco to be honored with her group. This is an accurate evidence that proves she was walking on the right path.

Molka assumes that she feels lucky because she could translate people’s feelings into music, so they dive in it. For that she said she can’t practise music for commercial use because this art cannot be sold. Music for her can only be felt but not described. It helps her to express herself and also to get over her problems and to control herself when she is angry. ” Without music, neither the world nor me will be here “, as she said to us.

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Amira Cherni

I am an student, and I do some art too. I am always craving for exploring things, and this is exactly why I am here, now ; to look for magic in Art, and to touch beauty in the souls. This is my space, where a lot of Tunisian Artists will be uncovered. So, WELCOME !
Amira Cherni
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