Reasons behind the popularity of Vincent Van Gogh among Millennials


Van Gogh one of the great painters in the European history , he  was his own agony and his own day dream he lived a pain that would be enough for five more lives  . Used art to express himself and escape his reality . He wasn’t quite known or loved by his own generation but after his death his art was appreciated and sold at the highest prices . But still no one gave Van Gogh the person behind the art the attention that he deserved as much as Milennials, we see Van Gogh present more and more in our daily thoughts, conversation and posts  . So what  are  the reasons behind this huge appreciation to Van Gogh ?


Van Gogh lived in some kind of society where they are either rich enough to not understand his art since most of his painting were about  poverty , or poor enough to not care about his art . same as the society we live in today , people are either too busy trying to put food on the table not caring about the creations of youth seeing them as a waste of time or energy or just some rich fools who own everything and cannot see how  our creations are very meaningful , neglected by all societies’ categories both Van Gogh and Milennials  are being isolated and left behind with our thoughts that eat us alive and feed our mental illnesses.

2-Depression and suicide  :

Van gogh had Manic depression  the disease of the creative people, and as much as he tried to escape his suffering and no matter how happy colors he used in his paintings like blue and yellow ,the suffering overwhelmed him and he ended up committing suicide in 1890. How many artist from our generation went out the same way, spread love , hope and faith then killing themselves the same way Van Gogh left us  gazing upon his starry night breathing the flame of hope out of it confused of how someone with such art inside him can be suicidal . Suicide rates are increasing every day among our generation according to Time magazine “Between 2009 and 2017, rates of depression among kids ages 14 to 17 increased by more than 60%, the study found. The increases were nearly as steep among those ages 12 to 13 (47%) and 18 to 21 (46%), and rates roughly doubled among those ages 20 to 21. In 2017 the latest year for which federal data are available”.


Van Gogh drew over thirty self-portraits , doesn’t that remind you of our generation after having a mental break down we start posting selfies cause we feel cute. Depression is not an excuse for our narcissism we will always feel superior than those who neglected us and those who made fun of us, even if it hurts , deep inside we feel that we are better than them , and that they don’t deserve  us maybe that’s why he killed himself he saw that they are unworthy of him and his art, that he deserves to be in a better place a better epoch where he is appreciated, like this one where we are obsessed   about him as a person and as an artist . he died to be revived in our generation through us.

We appreciate Vincent because he is us , and we are him, “some days we are his starry night and some days we are his suicide letter” but now that big companies saw this , they started selling us products using his art and I personally see that as the death of art, so instead of buying products from rich people with companies that objectify art and exploit it to make more money, “support living artists, the dead ones don’t need money” that’s what Van Gogh would want since in his life he only sold one painting Red Vineyard at Arles.





Fatma Ben Fraj

An English student, writer and translator.
Fatma Ben Fraj

Fatma Ben Fraj

An English student, writer and translator.

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