The marvellous worlds of Atef Attia

The artist of today does not need any introduction. His artworks are very known to those who have the passion and the curiosity to dive in with the characters of his stories. His famous books are ” Obscurs horizons “, ” Sang d’encre ” and ” Invisible kid “.

I guess you can recognise him now, my readers. Our story is about Atef Attia. He is 38 years old and he holds an International Trading Degree. He started writing his first short stories when he was 25 years old, namely ” Under Pressure “. He thought at first that writing would be easier as years go by.Yet, it is still exhausting for him. He writes his stories in a cinematic way, that it delves into dark territories such as fantasy, science-fiction, horror and suspense and that it takes to a journey beyond the limits of your imagination. I can recall here one of the best and hardest scenes written by our hero where his character (Kahina) is trying to convince an angry 10 feet mythological reptile not to eat her and keep protecting her tribe. ” It took me an eternity to wrap that thing “, he says.

Moreover, our artist has had the chance to start at the same time as some very promising tunisian authors such as Sami Mokaddem, Mohamed Harmel, Khaoula Hosni… He has also had the chance to meet a lot of aspiring authors and help them get published for the first time such as Rania Attafi, Salma Inoubli, Jihen Charrad, Tarek Lammouchi… Each one of these encounters had an important input in the way he conceives writing, build stories or getting ideas. Absolutely, Sami Mokaddem has been and still is the driving force behind his writing in the way that he’s his first motivator, reader and critic.

Atef admits that he first writes to please his self as a reader and to try to tell a story in a manner that will keep the reader’s attention and maybe surprise him. For instance, he loves to leave Easter eggs in his stories. It can be references to some of his own previous characters or of his favorite books or movies. Absolutely, not all of his readers can reveal these secrets.

He also admits that there’s a more difficult task than writing itself : EDITING ! that’s where the real nightmare begins… writing, rewriting, correcting, hunting down the errors, trying to keep everything in that novel stick together. Then comes the typesetting and printing. He is involved 100% in the process of making the book, indeed.
Having a busy schedule, our writer writes mostly on weekends, for 2 to 4 hours. He says that if there was something to do when he was young was to force himself into a more rigorous writing discipline. He would try to make the most of the huge amount of free time he was having.

He is encouraged basically by his supportive beloved wife and by his large platform of readers. I intended to not talk deeply about the details of his different novels, for I can leave you the chance to discover these marvellous worlds. I can only say : don’t waste your time reading my words and go reading Atef’s novels !

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Amira Cherni

I am an student, and I do some art too. I am always craving for exploring things, and this is exactly why I am here, now ; to look for magic in Art, and to touch beauty in the souls. This is my space, where a lot of Tunisian Artists will be uncovered. So, WELCOME !
Amira Cherni
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